The Number for Qantas, Please


I've been wanting to visit Australia for years now. Just-published shots of Saturday's Fight to Survive show for Melbourne City Wrestling only reinforce the urge. The evening ended, in what looks like a scorcher, with Mike Petersen, 5'11", 220#, successfully defending his title against the challenge of an over-bandanaed Robbie Eagles, 5'7", 176#. I remember a magazine article in the 1980s touting the superior machismo of Australian men over Americans, citing Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, and Bryan Brown as examples. It might be time to revisit that debate, presenting Mike as material evidence. What's Australian for "unff"? MCW published 143 photos of the whole card on its Facebook page this morning. 


  1. Bandannas are my weakness, so both of these guys are mighty fine. Thanks!


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