Fighting on Instincts

In its latest release, out yesterday, Movimus presents Jeff Jordan, 5'9", 162#, in an intense five-round contest of strength and staying power against Marco Talus, 6', 168#. Marco already has eight matches under his belt at Movimus, and Jeff, six. Jeff's a mouthy punk with loads of charisma. Marco's a technical wrestler, basically a no-nonsense kind of guy, but one who obviously enjoys dominating his opponent--Jeff even more than most opponents, it would seem. I like both these guys, both built strong and supple, and together they contrast in attitude and style in wildly entertaining ways.

For the first half of this video I think I've got it all figured out. Jeff is the sexy bigmouth, and Marco's going to mop up the mat with his behind. Jeff clowns around, and Marco hunkers down for an easy kill. Or so I think for two rounds. Jeff has one move, it looks like--the side headlock, but for two rounds he can't get anywhere with it against Marco. Marco strategically targets Jeff's air supply, with closeup chokes and a pointy elbow to Jeff's diaphragm. Jeff taps out twice, winded and reduced to flipping off Marco out of frustration, and I think I detect a predictable pattern.

Then midway through the video, the game changes. Jeff turns his frustration into aggression and gets a win, followed closely by another win, and the score is even, 2 to 2. As much as I like the buoyant energy of the first half of the match, it's the heated intensity of the last half that really wins me over. Both wrestlers, close to spent at this point, lock into each other in a balls-to-the-wall go at taking the final round and thus the match. It's the weary languor of a final showdown that blows me away--eyes vacant, mouths slack, bodies in slow motion like swimmers struggling against a swift current. Marco struggles to put the punk back in his place, but Jeff is not playing the clown any longer.

It's a nailbiter of a finish, exactly like I like it, and a strenuous and long final round in which Jeff and Marco both attempt to break the deadlock, fighting on instincts alone. These two couldn't be any sexier if they tried, and the thing is they aren't trying--their only goal is to beat the other guy and win. Neither makes it easy, and the long struggle builds their respect for each other. It's a damn good match for the first half, but the last half is what knocked my nuts off.

(Check out the YouTube clip here.)


  1. Jeff Jordan is a real hottie. Baby face, amazing body; and the kid can wrestle.


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