Kid and Kip

Soon to be released on DVD (as part of Fantasymen 35), Kid Karisma versus newcomer Kip Sorell is currently streaming on (and steaming up) The Arena @ BG East (BGE's subscriber-access site). Kid K is, of course, the known quantity in this matchup, with an established fan base devoted to his steely buttocks and trademark brand of brute wit and ingenuity. Kip is a handsome (okay, more than just handsome: mouth-watering) challenger with curly dark hair who (seriously, do I need the customary spoiler alert here?) does not have a fucking chance. A can of Crisco at the men's state pen has a better chance of remaining untampered with than this poor boy. But that's okay, because Karisma does a genius job of showing off Sorell's fine points while breaking the picture-perfect physique down for spare parts--and on that point alone the new boy's going to hit it big with fans, I predict. Whether Kip can handle himself as a ring wrestler, though, is an issue Kid Karisma is determined to keep a mystery--for every bit of fight the newcomer puts up against KK, our favorite heel makes him pay through the teeth twentyfold. 

Karisma is at his peak of performance and attitude in this hellraiser. A couple of my good gay friends (among whom my kink for wrestling is always cause for polite and tolerant contempt--tasteful role-model types who can only pity me for my outré fascinations) recently expressed an offhand interest in watching one of "those videos [I] have." These guys have never even peeked at this blog these past five years, but finally curiosity got the better of them, apparently. I showed them Karisma-vs-Sorell. Just as I would have predicted, pretty muscly Kip made them drool. In time, one of them admitted that Kid K (though entirely too crass for him personally) was impressively inventive in discovering ways of making life unbearable for Kip. Though I suspect the experience did not convert them to M/M, they were at least able to "get it" for a fleeting moment before forgetting it as conversation turned towards accustomed topics--the Oscars, charming Vietnamese bistros, and the new Southern Living Style Guide.

For regular readers of this blog, this match will, I suspect, stain your bedsheets and chafe your hands in the weeks and months to come. And you don't have to be as big a Karisma fan as I am to love it.


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