I Want a Shot at This Guy

Movimus introduces its newest wrestler, blond muscle-dude Jordan Clarke, in a by-request match against another blond, in fact Movimus's most popular blond, Max Anderson. Jordan contacted the company, saying, "I've been watching Max wrestle for years. I want a shot at this guy."  From this we get what Movimus calls "The Battle of the Blondes." Besides the similar hair color, Max and Jordan are also matched in height (both an even six feet), weight (within two pounds of each other), and temperament (easygoing, likable guys driven to compete). As for differences, Max has more wrestling experience, Jordan, more muscle.

These guys are so well-matched that there's no telling who's going to submit till it happens. And it happens only once on this video at the end of a eighteen-minute struggle. (Movimus promises a rematch--already in the works--and an extended World Series Match for these two.) The less-experienced Jordan starts off strong, grinding Max into the mat. Max writhes and grunts but cannot budge Jordan. It takes the new guy a minute to figure out that immobilizing Max is one thing, getting him to submit is a whole other thing, and this, after all, is submission wrestling. Stalemated by Jordan's power and Max's grit, the two separate and start over.

Neither guy wants this match to end in a draw, and neither is about to just roll over and play dead to make that happen. The match is a test of endurance as much as a test of strength and wrestling knowhow. On Jordan's side, there's youth and a drive to catch the attention of Movimus's growing army of fans. On Max's side, there's years of experience, first at NHB-Battle ten or eleven years ago and now taking all comers at Movimus. If this mat currently belongs to anybody, it belongs to Max, but with the steady influx of new blood--hot shots with nothing to lose and everything to gain--the company is evolving a style all its own, distinct from NHB and everybody else--and it's just a matter of time before somebody--Max, Jordan, or whoever--is recognized as the face of that style ... and Movimus.


  1. Which is which? I wouldn't mind a go at the tousled haired one, even though I probably would just surrender to his sensual beauty. I give,I give! Take what ever you want (which, sadly, probably wouldn't be much).

    1. Jordan has the tousled hair. Max has the technicolor trunks.

  2. Oh, take me down, oh, Jordan! An old hymn. So appropriate, though I intentionally mangled the line.

  3. Jordan Clark = Cameron Foster the gay porn star


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