Aron vs Casey

Movimus introduced newcomer Casey Callaghan yesterday in its latest video for download. Casey squares off against Aron Stokes, in his fourth appearance with the company. The wrestlers take their wrestling serious and straight--no sugar or milk--speaking not a word to each other through the 33-minute ordeal and betraying no hint of emotion (anger nor pleasure) during the contest. 

I prefer strong silent types, and heaven knows I like guys who are all-business on the mat (or in the ring), but really could it hurt for Aron and Casey to have at least a little fun here? Both appear underwhelmed at the prospect of wrestling the other. Who knows? Maybe they lost some kind of bet. Or maybe they're just not the types to display their enthusiasm. But can they wrestle? Hell yeah.

Casey makes a strong and aggressive start against Aron, the larger and more experienced of the two. Tattooed and bleached circa-1999 blond, the new guy could pass for a crime lord's henchman in an old Chuck Norris movie. It's a hot, smart look, and Casey has the grappling chops to go with it. He is well pitted against Aron, whose wrestling savvy is unquestionable.

The showdown, which goes for four falls, each almost a mechanical reproduction of the last, suffers slightly from a lack of momentum. But that's how it goes in real wrestling. It's a sport, not a Batman movie. There's plenty of give and take, yet one wrestler consistently dominates. Both men's determination and wrestling ability impress me through it all. Neither is willing to just roll over and play dead for the other, and the winner gets nothing without a long, hard struggle.


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