All Out War

Krush vs Gaz, Private Punch Down (Krushco)

In the third and most recent battle between the two, Krush gets a head-scissors submission from Gaz within four minutes. The action leading up to that first fall is fairly routine. We have seen this before, lots of grunting and squeezing and punching, but Gaz ups his game in direct response to this opening humiliation, and the punches are stiffer and meaner as the match proceeds. Three minutes later, the Czech makes a grimacing Krush tap out with a choke hold.

The super competitive wrestlers give good body contact. These are two big guys with meat on their bones, and they know a thing or two about mat grappling. At this point in their eight-month history they also know a thing or two about each other, which makes the give and take even tighter and tastier. Two seasoned wrestlers, already well acquainted with their opponent's tactics and weak spots, can wreak a lot of damage.

With a little over 23 minutes remaining, the two wrestle to two more falls, the gap between falls stretching as the wear and tear of the fight slows them down. Tempers flare as they attempt to master the other guy. They land their fists on whatever muscle group they can see and reach. Dominance is the goal, the prize being whatever our sick imaginations want it to be. For most of the time, Gaz and Krush are pressed chest to chest, belly to belly, balls to balls, rolling and grunting as limbs clutch limbs, allowing space between them only long enough to make room for more quick, lethal thrusts.

I can't get enough of Gaz and Krush together on the mat. This is a feud I'd like to see continue, each man taking and giving in turn. Each defeat fueling a passion for retribution. Muscle grinding muscle to the point of collapse.


  1. What a sexy gut punching gif. And Krush looks so handsome when he is in pain and struggling.

  2. I would like to see these to strip down naked and go at it! Lots of chemistry there would be great match!

  3. I would like to see them in a naked match!


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