World Series

Nero Angelo vs Dave Markus, World Series (Movimus)

The stress and tear begin to show in the last half of this 35-minute submissions contest. The wrestlers have faced off before. This is, in fact, their third time tangoing at Movimus, and making the event more momentous is that it catches Angelo and Markus in top form and at the peak of their popularity with wrestling fans. There's no real underdog here. Both are natural winners, brimming with pride and ability, yet only one walks away smiling at the end of three strenuous falls. What is more, this is a world-series match, meaning it doesn't end until somebody calls it quits, and neither of these men is predisposed to quitting, even under hard circumstances.

In a sense, submitting can mean "calling it quits." But one "submits" to a hold and may still want another go at the opponent. "Quits" in a world-series match means the submitter has decided he can't take any more and doesn't want another turn at taking on the opponent. "Quitting" is more final than "submitting." More portentous would be "loser leaves town" stakes--thankfully, not the case here, since fans can't get enough of either of these combatants. Two inches' difference in height, only three pounds' difference in weight, yet Angelo, the shorter and lighter, comes off as the bigger man on the mat. It's a trick of the eye (or of expectations) that makes the stockier guy appear generally larger than his streamlined adversary. Angelo's an aggressive and relentless adversary, but then so is Markus.


  1. What is this World Series after all? How it is different to the other kind of matches?


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