This Is It!

Dario Espinosa vs Ray Mousi (Movimus)

Espinosa (5'8", 193#) and Mousi (5'9", 188#) make my dream of a he-man bodybuilder brawl come true in Movimus's latest release. The pairing of these two is so even that the first hard-won tap-out occurs over halfway through the seven-fall match. Then in a mere one or two minutes the score is tied 1-1. The scorecards stay tight as ticks for the full 30 minutes, the suspense thickening in the final eight. Both men are strong, and both know submission wrestling. I can't remember the last time I watched a match so charged with emotion. These guys are as expressive and intense as they are aggressive and tough. At least twice I found myself whooping out loud. That's something that  almost never happens. This is no frat-house frolic, and these brutes work without a script--and precious few edits. The camera all but climbs up on top of these fighters to give us the best view possible. The end product is pure heaving, sweat-slicked, visceral grappling. This video can't be revisited too often.


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