Krush vs Lionel, Chloro Combat 3, Parts One and Two (Krushco)

The chloroform angle plays a small part in this fantastic two-part battle between two tough grapplers, Krush and Lionel, who returns to the Krushco lineup in singles competition. In small (brief) doses, I rather like the idea of a cloth being clutched to the nose and mouth by an attacker pressing in from behind. I like the victim's body falling limp against that of his vanquisher. I have liked it ever since I first saw this form of assault in a movie, years and years ago. It's a "little death" that signifies both domination and climax. But I'm not too fond of the angle when overworked. To my way of thinking (i.e. fantasizing), it's good for (at most) a 20-second jolt. Happily in Krushco's latest release, it does not detract from the wrestling. It plays a significant role in the Part Two, and there as an added flourish, not the main attraction.

The main attraction here is wrestling by two guys who singly command legions of underground wrestling fans--mostly because they know wrestling, take it seriously, and don't mess around. Krush and Lionel are, of course, legends under these and other names. As usual at Krushco, the backdrop and theatrics are minimal. The fight is the thing, the main thing, really the only thing. The camerawork does what it's supposed to do. It pulls me into the action without drawing attention to itself, as close and tight as possible without interfering with the grunts, the groans, the tangling, and the spasms that seize a body just before unconsciousness. Lionel is (literally) a sight for sore eyes (after I've been grading student essays for over two weeks), an eminently able but physically different opponent for Krush.

Part One runs just short of 19 minutes. Part Two runs for over 23 minutes. Not a minute is wasted. The struggles are real--or at least really convincing to me. The meeting of these two titans is as tasty a treat as I could hope for.


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