I'll Show You Who's Boss

Jay White vs Josh Bodom, RevPro Uprising 2016 (Revolution Pro Wrestling)

This August 2016 match is how I like it. Two good-looking bruisers--one a loudmouth who needs to be cut down to size, the other a technician who cuts loudmouths down to size--testing their strength and stamina for fifteen minutes under the hot lights. A quality match is a carefully structured thing, even when the greater part of it is improvised. This one starts tentatively, the two wrestlers feeling each other out. The battle is a succession of small, intimate assaults. Then Bodom crosses a line when he smacks White in the face while backing away from the cornered Kiwi. Seconds later, White smacks him back. From that moment, the action escalates and intensifies in and out of the ring, till the final minutes, a whirlwind of athletic energy and animus, ending suddenly, when you least expect it, with a thunderclap and a well executed finisher.


  1. Yup. That match is a good one. ICYMI: http://bit.ly/2nr08Zq


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