Two the Hard Way

Axel vs Coleman Free, Match 522 (UCW)

After surviving his bout with Austin Tyler in February, Coleman moves forward in the UCW initiation process. Some might call it a hazing. Unscathed, Coleman has taken to the company's roughhouse atmosphere like he was born for it. This young dude likes a fight, and he's come to the right place for one. Most newcomers to UCW undergo a series of all-out humiliating squashes in the most literal sense of the word squash. Free has been thrust into tough competition all right, but he's held his own every second of the way. He's come prepared, with a strong sense of the heart and skillset it takes to succeed here.

Match 522 is not easy for either Coleman or Axel, yet this is a friendly match. It ends with the winner helping the loser back to his feet and congratulating him on a good fight. And rather than lashing back with a low blow, the loser shakes the guy's hand and returns the compliment. They are unsteady on their feet and shaking the cobwebs from their heads. They will be feeling the previous 28 minutes in their joints for another couple of weeks. But these guys live to fight, and they seem genuinely to appreciate the hard competition each has brought to the mat. If anything, the fight has sealed a bond between them.

It's good to see a new fighter with long hair at UCW. In most cases I prefer short, even severe cuts, but I also like variety. There's something dramatic about long hair that works well in wrestling entertainment. It adds another layer of expressiveness to the struggle, the way it whips around, the way it seems to invite abuse. It takes a brave soul to step on the UCW mat with shoulder-length hair, and it's clear that Coleman is certain enough of his survival skills to flaunt his fearlessness in this way.


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