UCW Finally Brings Nero a Man to Fight

Nero Angelo vs Tyler Austin, Match 523 (UCW)

For me personally, the key thing about UCW's Match 523 is the way Nero and Tyler work each other's body. That, my friends, is a thing of beauty, evident in both the bold strokes and the fine details. The match marks the personal best for both of these men and counts as one of the finest videos in the company's history.

Nero does most of the heavy lifting here, yet the match is largely give and take, with superb manhandling by both wrestlers from beginning to end, but most especially in the latter half. The pairing of Nero and Tyler was inevitable and, on my part, eagerly anticipated. Austin's body begs to be touched just as his hair begs to be tousled and pulled, and nobody performs those tasks with more verve than Angelo. Austin also has the best pair of legs at UCW, and the finesse with which he weaponizes them in this match, both in the traditional scissors holds and as tools to contain and control Angelo's body, inspires my envy (I simultaneously want legs like these and want these specific legs in my grip--see, for instance, the first two screen captures above).

From the beginning, hairy-chested Nero appreciates Tyler's value as a competitor, saying, "They finally brought me a man to fight!" No carnivore has eyed a piece of meat with more enthusiasm. Seeing two grown men, with some heft to them, squaring off against each other in the UCW fight space is a rare treat. And Nero works those honey-tan legs no less than they work him over. In an opening test of strength, forehead to forehead, the two are equals, straining, groaning, unmovable objects of mutual resistance. The prolonged standstill excites and frustrates. Tyler breaks it off and wraps arms around Nero, dragging him down to the mat for some actual wrestling.

The wrestling here is great. There are the to-be-expected company insignia--against-the-wall gut-punching and tit-twisting--but there is mostly honest-to-goodness wrestling by a couple of well-matched guys who are not only photogenic performers but also serious athletes and competitors.


  1. This is a fantastic match. There is sweat, suspense, and suffering. They both need a rematch with Eli, and I hope they get it.

    1. nice review by joe and great comment. sounds like a match!

    2. Yeah, I would like to watch Eli Black wrestle Austin Tyler. Think that would be really a battle of two studs with similar bodies and builds.

  2. Good match and expert commentary and analysis of the bout. Austin is a damn hot opponent for Nero. Agree with the comment that Austin has the best damn thighs and legs in all of UCW. I'd wrestle him anytime and anywhere just to snap on a body scissors across his hot body while admiring his awesome legs.


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