Adrenaline Pays His Dues

Darin Corbin vs "The Adrenaline" Adrian Matthews, Episode 122 (West Coast Wrestling Connection)

In the last few days I've been giving Adrian Matthews a lot of thought. A lot. You already know him perhaps from the close attention he got on Beefcakes of Wrestling early this year. I've been enjoying watching this guy suffer at the hands of some of WCWC's best heels. My favorite drubbings among the matches I've seen are his West Coast debut last July against hunky JJ Garrett (see especially minute 16:06 for a stimulating simulated skull fuck against the ropes), his surly roughing up at the hands of The Grappler in December, and, my top pick, the crazy prolonged beating ginger firebrand Darin Corbin supplies in this late September 2016 battle, a rematch following a dramatic collision of these two the week before (also worth watching).

Adrian wins some and loses some, but he always gets his bump-worthy ass kicked at some point in each match, and each one is beautiful in its own way. The young man's "sell" technique is flawless. Sometimes the destruction is total (as against The Grappler), but sometimes the match fits my highly fetishized dream scenario--of the epically handsome hero, having taken enough abuse for one night, at last turning tables and kicking the living shit out of his tormentor--often, even better, with a single, sudden, out-of-nowhere strike that reverses the momentum and ends the match within three seconds.

Darin is Adrian's perfect foil. His protruding gut just begs for the punch it eventually draws. His devious attacks (especially the way he uses the ropes and ring apron) are inspired, and he moves from one to the other almost with no break in between. His unwarranted vanity, his braggadocio, his girlish shrieks when hurt, and his overweening sadism practically beg pretty please for comeuppance, which by the match's midpoint a severely trampled Adrian is eager to hand-deliver. As the GIFs below demonstrate, Darin gets some satisfying payback from Adrian, especially in the rushed final minute. (Corbin vs Matthews begins at the 14:10 mark here on YouTube.)


  1. you should check out adrian vs caleb =)

    1. I did. Terrific match! Two of my favorite bodies in pro wrestling today.

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  3. I think you'll like his match against Beast the Butcher. Adrian gets his pretty fine face scrunched in pain and his pretty fine ass slammed good with some really nice camera shots at the right angles:

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