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Krush vs Donald Jay, Rip &Rumble (Krushco)

Krush is on my personal top five list of favorite underground wrestlers. Among his closest competition in the field--Eli, Jake, Duke, Marco, Derrick, Jonny, and Guido--few come close to Krush's dependability in demolishing opponents. His latest match, his second against Donald Jay, is a rip-and-strip battle that runs for six falls (two of them knockouts), with both fighters neck and neck for the first three-quarters.

This brawl seized me in the first five seconds and wouldn't let go till it was over, when the loser is sprawled out on the mat, every ounce of fight drained out of him. The screen shots above portray a more one-sided contest than the match actually is. I picked the shots for drama--to capture Krush's brute force and Donald's knack for selling the hell out of every second of the 35-minute video. A Krushco fight is 80 percent legit submission wrestling and 20 percent pro-style theater of cruelty. This one offers the best of both worlds, probably one of the best you can find in the Krushco catalog.


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