A Good Clean Fight

Milad Akbar vs Scott Colton, PPW 138 (Premier Pro Wrestling)

A good clean fight doesn't have to be boring. A good example would be this special challenge match last month in Woodstock, Illinois. Wily veteran Akbar takes on up-and-comer Colton in a 12-minute test of grit, skill, and muscle, and though the anticlimax at the end somewhat disappoints, on the whole it's a fine example of wrestling storytelling.

In this case, the tit-for-tat give and take of the first five minutes soon grates on the vet's nerves, so he notches the action up considerably with some sketchy tactics designed to give himself the upper hand. Colton is not as naïve as Akbar thinks, however, and the tension swells by the match's midpoint.

Akbar has never yet failed to get my juices flowing, and he's at his best in this contest. Colton's new to me, but I like his looks and style, and he does a particularly good job of filling a singlet.


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