Jungle Gym

Nate Coy vs Daniel Eads, Power Play, 18 March 2017 (Resistance Pro Wrestling)

An overall fine match here, two agile and well-built wrestlers, but it lacks the close detail work and grappling I usually prefer. Still, I can appreciate what it has to offer. At ages eight and nine, I was addicted to TV matinees of old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies, and to this day I am a sucker for the "jungle boy" gimmick in wrestling. BG East's Tyler Reese should donate his loincloth to Coy.

The tumbling and flying impress me without turning me on, and that's okay, sex is not everything. (I said that?) The corner work absolutely hits the spot. I love the way pro wrestlers throw their entire bodies into their punches, so much better (for me) than the split-second jabs at arm's length in boxing (except for those times when boxers get pushed against the ropes, their bodies entangled). And the show-stopping ass-to-ass pinfall is ungawa-hot. Eads jobs for Coy brilliantly, making me want to believe every ornately choreographed second of the action. His body slams are tasty.


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