Let's Go!

Adrian Matthews vs Caleb Konley, Episode 151, 22 April 2017 (WCWC)

I've said so before: I like a body with some thump to it. And Adrian's and Caleb's bodies currently top my list of the most thumpable bodies in wrestling. If it weren't for wrestlers like these (and Nathan Cruz, Shane Thorne, Nick Miller, etc.), I could abandon YouTube forever and focus 100% on the underground scene. But more than the ripped, eight-packed physiques of erotic wrestling, these are the bodies I most want to hurl myself against, and Adrian Matthews* has been a reliable source of Wow and Pow for me these past couple of weeks.

The match opens the WCWC episode linked above. It's not perfect. I see minor flaws. Maybe it's not the match "The Adrenaline" and "The Obsession" will be remembered for (that showdown, I believe in my soul, is coming very soon). But it does the trick for me. Swole bodies, torrents of sweat, punchable baby fat, butts stretching trunk seams, turnbuckle slams, good and evil endlessly on the brink of triumph and ignominious defeat, and some well-earned redneck payback--folks, this is my idea of paradise!

* His face and, to a lesser extent, his body remind me of 6'3" DJ, my go-to guy for rug-burn wrestling in my teens.


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