Pretty Bad Boy

Wheeler vs Chris Tyler, 7 February 2016, Rushden (Extreme American Wrestling)

Villains can be pretty. They're my favorite kind of villain. In fact, they're my favorite kind of pretty. In this UK match EAW Champion Chris Tyler has the right haircut, the right tight metallic baby-blue trunks, and the right light honey-colored tan to be a babyface. The British would say blue-eye. But something in Chris's DNA made him bad, very bad. In the opening minutes, the crowd loves the way masked challenger Wheeler kicks some Tyler butt. At one point he even parades the evil champ around the ring allowing children at ringside to take punches at him.

Then things turn nasty. Tyler digs into his bag of dirty tricks, with the assistance of outside interferers, and does everything in the book and everything banned by the book to retain his title. He breaks into a sweat (at last!), and soon it appears there's no hope for Wheeler. But then, as bad guys often do, Chris pushes his luck too far, and the last half of this 19-minute faceoff is vigorous and breathtaking give and take between the two. In fact, the last half of this match is what you need to wait for. There are good moments in the first half, but the timing is a little off, or so it seems to me. The last eight minutes, though, are wrestling gold, handled expertly by the young antagonists. The GIFs above capture the moments that sucked me in.


  1. Great commentary on this match. Totally agree with you on you comments about Chris Tyler. He is awesome in those metallic blue trunks. His ass looks like it was poured into those trunks. Hot body too. Whether he is the evil champ or not, I would love to wrestle him anytime and anywhere. He is nothing short of fantastic in the ring.

    Bet he is even better in the locker room.

    Thanks for posting these awesome GIFs.


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