The Age of Bronzer

Tyler Reks vs Chris Masters, WWE Superstars, 30 December 2010 (WWE)

This kind of match makes me glad I'm a man. I wish WWE had more matches with wrestlers who look like Myrmidons, who can spend a solid 12 minutes working each other's sweaty body, exhausting their own bodies in the process. The details are what matter when the subject is pain, and in this match (beginning around the 33:00 spot on the video linked above) Tyler (32, 6'5", 251#) and Chris (27, 6'4", 257#) have an eagle's knack for sharp, pitiless attacks.

Tyler retired almost five years ago. Chris has been wrestling in the UK lately. Somebody, I forget who, said only gay guys like Reks. (And?) Probably the same could be (and maybe was) said of Masters. WWE could have done better by these guys. This match proves what they were capable of, and this brawl has everything I want of ring wrestling, except I also want tighter, longer close-ups of the two strongmen entangled in each other's limbs.


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