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Taylor Reign vs Logan Cross, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Logan and Taylor do erotic wrestling right in this 24-minute MuscleBoy rematch. What's right? I'd say it's an intuitive balance of aggression and attraction and of punishment and worship. Ring wrestling doesn't easily lend itself to this sort of thing, its raucous energy leaving no room for subtlety or quiet intensity.  The erotic charge I get from professional wrestling has usually depended on my imagination, my ability to freeze moments in time and immerse myself in what is basically a split second of body contact.  So Taylor and Logan's ability to make the balance seem natural is a rare accomplishment.

There's no nudity, yet this match pulsates with heat. The heat of force and the heat of lust. Logan provokes Taylor's aggression with a strong sortie at the beginning. Taylor subdues Logan and finds mastery of his well-built opponent arousing. He wants to control and possess him. Conversely, Logan, helpless in Taylor's grip, finds himself not just the center of Reign's attention, but the object of obsession--and who doesn't find being the focus of somebody else's uncontained passion simultaneously stimulating and paralyzing?

Cross and Reign don't relieve the tension by making light of either the violence or the sex. Cute banter or self-consciousness would only spoil the effect. This is "round two" for them; they wrestled each other on a mat in Catalog 1. I missed their first faceoff but intend to catch it later. Their chemistry here is just about perfect.


  1. Nice to see Taylor showing his nasty side.

    1. Yeah Taylor has turned out to be a decent heel with good ring skills. Catalog 3 is out NOW boys with 14 new hot matches :)


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