More Bang for Buck

Krush vs Buck (Krushco)

A little over three years I ago I reviewed Buck's debut at Krushco (at least, I assume it was his debut). He's back for more in Krushco's latest release, much more, as the new match (shot last year) lasts 27 minutes, about three times as long as the first. Once again, fans of grappling that's 100% authentic, no gimmicks, but loads of sweat and grunts, have reason to rejoice.

I never cease to be amazed at Krush's prowess against challengers as physically different as Buck and Lionel, both good, respected wrestlers. His ability to navigate the ins and outs of wrestlers both stout and trim is testament to his strength, ability, and resilience. The last third of this release gets intense, as both men literally exhaust themselves against each other. Desperate to conquer Krush (basically the Everest of underground wrestling), Buck throws his elbow into the mix (fifth screenshot above), escalating the aggression and triggering Krush's urge to choke a motherfucker out.

Buck's size and Texas roots put me in mind of professional wrestling, of course. If there's ever a third time for these guys, I think it would be cool to see them square off in a ring, just to see how well Krush would fare in that environment--not that Buck doesn't keep him hella busy here on the mat.


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