Evan Turner vs Jeremy Dobbs (Movimus)

Movimus presents a strong clash of personalities and styles in its latest Vegas release. In his fourth match, Evan Turner is the steady straight-shooter, whose technical take on wrestling emphasizes self-control and orderly execution of textbook holds--an approach he impressively illustrates throughout this match. By contrast, wild-boy Jeremy Dobbs, in his Movimus debut, seems to operate mostly on animal instinct and primal energy. It's not just his Mad Max styling of hair and ink I refer to, but also the way he hurls himself into this 24-minute, three-fall contest, fearlessly and incautiously.

Each wrestler wins at least one fall, so it would appear that despite differences in size (Jeremy is taller, with an 11-pound weight advantage) and strategy, the two are fairly evenly matched. Evan has the reticence and steady combat tactics of an Aron Stokes or fellow newby Davide Stefano. For all intents and purposes, the guy has ice water in his veins, and he has already proved himself adept at getting the job done on the wrestling mat. Jeremy is something else. I can't think of anyone on the roster to compare him to, except maybe, looking back to the old NHB-Battle lineup, Swage, who was a one-man spectacle and incapable of conventionality.

Expect some rough and bumpy takedowns in this one, along with scissors, locks, slams, and sudden bursts of energy that make this battle fiercely entertaining!


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