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Born and Bred vs Flawless and Lawless, NWO Spring Break Your Neck (Fight the World)

I'll admit it. I watched this match solely because Jesse Vane is in it, as one half of FTW tag champions Born and Bred with Anthony LaCerra. Their challengers are Blake Morris and Rex Lawless (Flawless and Lawless). Its Swiss-clockwork choreography, as much as I respect the work put into it, is less of a draw than Vane's shaved head and tough and compact 5'6" body. I'm superficial. I confess. That said, the acrobatics here are mesmerizing--the intricacies of which require somewhat longer than usual GIFs to do them justice--this is just not the sort of wrestling I prefer, though the guys do throw me a bone with a side headlock and some fisticuffs.

Sunday 23 April 2017, New York, New York


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