Coup de Grâce

Steven vs Chase Michaels, Match 543: Older vs Younger (UCW)

Paris-based wrestler Steven returns to UCW after making Axel step up his game two months ago in Match 532. This time his sights are set on Chase, known for being equally hunky and nasty. Steven's a little cockier in this match, taunting Chase (not smart), even opening himself up for attack as he invites Chase to do his worst (not smart at all). At first, Steven's superior height, weight, and build are enough to thwart the dashing younger heel-boy. Chase can't get the big guy off his feet. Nothing deters him, though, and he grimaces and grunts, putting his back into it until he scoops Steven up on one shoulder and smashes him down to the mat.

Once in charge, Chase finds it difficult to steer his opponent's heavily muscled limbs, and the advantage quickly shifts to Steven, who aggressively mounts Chase's midsection and tenderizes the American's pecs with his fists. "You want this?" he growls testily. "Fuck you!" He flips Chase over on his stomach and clumsily but determinedly curls him back in a camel clutch. For the next two minutes he pretty much has his way with Chase--a dream for most of us fans! But even in the worst of circumstances Chase retains his will power and mat savvy. Steven ties him in a knot, but Chase elbows his way to freedom and dishes up two minutes of American-style hell all over a suddenly debilitated Steven.

Give and take characterizes this 30-minute match to the last five minutes, at which point one fighter, sopping wet with sweat (his own and the other guy's), takes charge with a series of tendon-snapping punishments that ultimately decide the final outcome: a hot-as-cock combination of rear naked choke and suffocation that leaves one man not only vanquished but splendidly, sexily KOed.


  1. Love muscle daddy and I hope it was Steven that got choked out.

  2. Steven defies what I would normally love to watch on the mat, and yet he is compelling, sexy, and surprising. Chase is awesome as always. I know Axel has said Steven only shot 2 matches for them, but I hope he comes back for more!


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