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Axel vs Pvt. Jack Marino, Match 542: Lost Video (UCW)

I used to write psycho-abduction fantasies with a friend (a motorcycle cop in California) five or so years ago, and though he had to coax me into it, I enjoyed it--as S/M fantasy, you can't top it. Still I pushed for more wrestling in the narratives (I can't help it. Wrestling is my addiction. Am I the only one who thinks Silence of the Lambs would be 1000 times better with wrestling?)*

It looks like Match 542 was shot several years ago, a custom order for a paying fan. It's wrestlingish, so it has its moments for me, but it's somebody else's fantasy and pretty far afield from my usual kinks. The story gives us Axel as the heel, an especially dark one, who bludgeons and bags a sleeping Private Jack and hauls him to the UCW fight space for further punishments, most of them groin-related. That said, Jack and Axel round out the plotline with a half dozen facial expressions and are pretty to look at. The 31-minute video is episodic with title cards offering some semblance of transition. Here below I offer my notes (SPOILERS, so beware):
  • Jack Marino may be the cutest UCW babyface of all time, though with serious competition coming from Johnny Deep, Shane Saunders, Kenny Star, and Pippin.
  • UCW emphatically asserts that this video is not evidence that Private Jack is returning. Based on the internal evidence, my guess is this custom video was shot about four years ago at the apex of Jack's tenure at UCW.
  • There are Hitchcockian tones in Axel's barracks invasion and abduction. Perhaps more than any other UCW video, care was taken in the shooting and editing of this one.
  • The close-ups of the dick and ball torture are very (shall we say?) effective.
  • It was only in looking over my screen shots that I realized that compositionally the video is downright classical in its framing of the two antagonists.
  • I was under the impression that Match 535 was the first time UCW dabbled in murder. It was apparently the second.
  • The irony is that both snuff videos somehow involve "Don't-Be-A-Bully" Axel. Is that really irony or evidence of the moral decay of our culture? Discuss.
  • So now with Axel being out of the closet in the homicidal community, who will be his third victim? As they always say, "He seemed like such a nice, quiet kid."

*My current online co-fantasist sticks to ring, mat, oil pit, and back-alley scenarios, involving less complicated plots, so it's easier to keep wrestling in the foreground.


  1. Joe, you are correct about Silence of the Lambs, but I would not stop there. Star Wars and The Sound of Music would also be better with a wrestling element (Blond youths in singlets and turnbuckle torture/ These are a few of my favorite things...)

    And Jack Marino is fantastic. He'd be on my short list of former UCW stars I wish would return. And who knows? If Angel & Joker can come back... His oil match with Eli Black has been in my regular masturbatory rotation for years now.

  2. This is going to be one of my UCW favorites for quite a while. Axl was a superb heel, as always, and Jack sold the suffering even better than usual. And correct me if I'm wrong, but this might be the first time in which Jack has shown a bit of physical "stimulation" from the excessive torture to the groin. Nothing to the point that some of his fellow UCW wrestlers have in the past, but enough to add another bonus that his other matches have not featured.

  3. Axel is an awesome heel and this match brings out his brutal and sadistic side. My favorite matches are those between Axel and Eli Black. They are both aggressive and tough wrestlers. Would be awesome to turn them loose and let them fight it out to find out who's really the toughest alpha warrior - no scripts, no acting, no fake wrestling, no pre-determined winner; just brute force and naked aggression.

  4. Are there any videos from UCW that has a theme like this but the victim is naked? Other than Johnny Deep get ballbash and Axel get ballbash by Bodyslam-like this a lot-?


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