Grudging Respect

Neville vs Mustafa Ali, WWE Raw, 3 July 2017 (WWE)

I don't follow WWE on TV, but I was happy to find this highlights video of Neville vs Ali on YouTube. It begins with some honest to goodness grappling, then throws in some acrobatics for the kids, and follows with some snuff-quality punishments dealt by Neville unto cruiserweight champion Ali. If this match is any indication, WWE may be learning Hollywood tricks for appealing to the tastes of various fans through layering -- you know, the way Disney films can appeal to preschoolers, teens, and dirty-minded adults all at the same time. I even hear the grunts and groans like in the olden days. It's still a little too garish for my tastes--since I'm a silly romantic, pining for the days of black trunks, stark overhead lighting, and smoke-filled auditoriums--but it's a fine fight. Putting aside my prejudice, I will admit I'm impressed with WWE's precision camerawork, especially its deft use of the zoom lens.


  1. I have been loving WWE's cruiser weight matches. Neville, Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, Rich Swan , and many other great indie wrestlers are winning me over.


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