Ricky Man

Ricky Man vs Marco and Ricky Man vs Nathan, Summer Squeeze 2017 (PWP)

If I were consistent (and I'm not), I would despise PWP, the fakest muscle-candy travesty of wrestling on possibly all the internet. (A percentage of a few other wrestling sites would make the nominations list, too, but PWP is by far the worst offender. I don't mean to be cruel, but it is pretty much the David DeCoteau of online wrestling.) But here I am downloading the complete trilogy of summer releases at PWP. (And I am, shamefacedly, also a fan of the DeCoteau oeuvre--all my pleasures, it would seem, are guilty ones.)

In my defense, let me say that to be disappointed in is not the same as to despise. I have been consistently, completely, and cringingly disappointed in everything I have bought (at no small price) from PWP. However, like some of the stuff on Thunder's Arena and BG East (Forced to Flex, I'm looking at you!), it reminds me of not so much wrestling as the Athletic Model Guild, whose "wrestling" always fell short of the mark for me, but whose boyish bodybuilders have fueled an absurd number of my wrestling fantasies.

And now there's Ricky Man, who looks like he just swam out of Bob Mizer's swimming pool in 1961. Ricky has stolen my heart. Compensating for the four (count 'em, four) wrestling holds he seems to have learned over the weekend before the shoot and for the utter lack of dramatic coherence in his matches against Marco and Nathan, Ricky Man has an infectious grin and one of the best wrestling O-faces anywhere. He's also built for pool parties, making me wish I had a pool or reasonable access to one. With some training, he could be a worthy wrestler. I see potential. (I see something, at any rate.)

If you can afford only one of PWP's Summer Squeeze 2017 releases, I'd cautiously recommend Ricky Man vs Nathan (as seen in the last four screenshots above), which comes closest to wrestling--and Nathan is another looker, too. But honestly Ricky is adorable in both of the ones he's in, and he's got the O-face to launch a thousand roughhouse fantasies.


  1. Consistency is overrated. Context, mood and the specific guys involved can change my opinion and make me like things that I usually complain about. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone then, Alex. The contradictions and inconsistencies are probably what most interest me about blogging. They're like riddles without solutions.

    2. Yeah, I'd still wrestle him for top. Fighting and wrestling are still the best foreplay ever.

  2. I don't find PWP's matches exciting at all either. But this guy certainly has a nice bulge.

  3. Great commentary Joe. Yeah, I would love to wrestle RIcky Man with him limited knowledge of wrestling - maybe a submission grappling match with body striking so I can pound his pecs and abs. With his body, it is a damn shame that he does not know how to wrestle or fight. I'd train him for the ring or mats....


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