Skinheads with Nothing Better to Do

Viktor Patrovsky vs Maxim Apollo, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Skinheads are hot. I have loved them since the 1980s. Patrovsky (6'2", 185#, in white) and Apollo (5'7", 166#, in yellow) have the added benefit of athletic builds and, for Patrovsky, a razor-edged sneer and a propensity for eye-scratching when the going gets rough. Also, the smack talk is in Russian! Their only drawback is no curly locks to yank on. I have to wonder why this fight wasn't top of my list when MuscleBoy released Catalog 2 two months ago. Both guys are totally my type, and the wrestling isn't bad. Despite differences in body build, Maxim and Viktor are reasonably well suited for a blow-for-blow rumble.

MuscleBoy offers no subtitles as these two circle each other, but their distaste for each other and their bad intentions require no translation. It gets rough fast: the two lock horns, and in seconds Viktor shoves Maxim to the wall for stiff punches to the abs and pecs, taking the man down faster than you can say кибератака. Maxim escapes and slugs it out with Viktor till he drops the taller man to the mat. It takes a while before these two get comfortable fighting each other on camera, but they have a good hold on the drama of hand-to-hand combat which gets realer and stronger as the contest continues.

A third of the way into the 17-minute video, the fighters loosen up and the fight seems less forced as the time lag between moves diminishes. Perhaps a little camera shy at first, Patrovsky and Apollo learn fast, and I found the last half  of the fight hot as balls, ending with a 30-second choke-out that's pretty damn sweet.


  1. Flexing while inflicting pain on another cocky dude is sexy.

  2. Want to wrestle either one of these muscle studs. Like rough matches and inflicting pain on an opponent.

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