Quinn Harper vs Erik the Viking, Match 541, Part 1 (UCW)

"Part 1" in the title threw me. Quinn vs Viking is a complete match, an oil match, produced under the auspices of UCW. The "Part 2: the massage with the happy ending" is something different, a Creek Side Boys video. I haven't seen the massage or the happy ending, but the Part 1 fight is good because Quinn Harper rocks. Quinn has been and still is the boundary-buster at UCW, transforming underground wrestling into the equivalent of garage-band punk. Erik I haven't seen since 2013, when he, along with Quinn, was elbowing his way towards Joker's abandoned champion's belt. It eluded them both.

Match 541 is a friendly match for the most part, with Quinn oiling  Erik's back, and Erik repaying the favor. When Quinn pours oil down the back of Erik's purple trunks, the Viking gets riled, but he and Quinn hunker down to the task of grappling  as soon as the bell sounds. The going is awkward at first, what with the oil and the loose plastic tarps protecting the wrestling mat. Pretty quickly, Quinn slithers atop Erik, where he claws the man's junk while dry-humping his chest (how I see it, anyway). Quinn's head gets too close to Erik's arm, which springs shut like a trap and locks Harper facedown to the mat. Give and take characterizes the majority of the 30-minute video, interspersed with spankings, oil checks, nipple twists, stiff closed-fist punches, and figure-four chokes. What I like best is the grappling, the shimmery bodies squirming in and around each other like nightcrawlers in a bait box. The climactic sleeper is slow to take effect, all the better for some sphincter-tightening groans.

Erik has the muscle and definition, but Quinn has the bag of tricks. I'd be lying if I said the ending is unpredictable, but the ride getting to the end is everything. If all massages started like this, I'd go to the spa every day.


  1. this match looks hot! quinn harper's ring antics are legendary and he's one of my favorite wrestlers.


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