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Zip Zarella vs Royce Perry, Ringwars 26 (BG East)

The ebullience with which Zarella avenges himself against fellow newcomer Perry in Ringwars 26  is an act of sadistic magnificence hard to compare to anything else I've seen lately. Perry takes an early lead in this main event, but then Zip kicks in and kicks the boy's ass - and he does it splendidly and with a grand unaffected smile to boot. Zarella knocked me for a loop in his recent match against Joey King, which spurred me to check out his debut. In February, Bard at neverland sang the praises of Zip and his shiny purple trunks. I can only ditto Bard's enthusiasm. Zarella hit BG East (and me) like a stealth bomber.

So can a wrestler be this personable and still be a heel? It's hard to peg Zarella as a villain, but he does find unrestrained joy in tromping an opponent. The pleasure he takes in putting the hurt on a guy can be partly attributed to the fact that the two guys he's fought at BGE had pretty big chips on their shoulders that needed knocking off. Yet something more is at work here. For one thing, Zip enters the ring with a chip on his shoulder, too. And he really seems to like beating these guys up, plain and simple, motivated by something other than just knocking a guy off his pedestal. For all that, I don't see anything sinister in the guy. He's like a beaming force of nature - part puppy, part avalanche.

I've taken an immediate liking to Zip, which I doubt many of his opponents would share. I like the guy's roughhouse spirit. He likes to fight, and it shows. What's wrong with that? He also likes mangling cheats and bullies, takes delight in it, in fact, and on this I chime with him. He's a sadist's sadist, perhaps, but one who beams instead of glowers. He may be just the thing to stoke my justice fetish in these harsh and unjust times.

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  1. Those purple briefs look great on him and show off his bulge quite nicely.


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