Krush vs Sergei Slamenko, Krushin' the Russian (Krushco)

Shot on a smart phone camera, Krushco's latest release finds Krush fighting the cold war all over, this time with the heat turned up.  Sergei Slamenko from Moscow put a sweaty match with ultra-physical wrestler Krush high up on his To Do list during his recent trip to New York City. Lucky for me, Krush took him up on the challenge, resulting in an intense three-fall contest that is unsparing of both these athletes.

Sergei makes for tough competition, but tough competition is what Krush is all about. The guys throw themselves into this reportedly "hastily arranged" contest, which, while not shot in 4K, has enough white-knuckle moments to mesmerize me for 30 solid minutes. The action consists largely of choke holds, scissors, and front chanceries, the most reliable holds for keeping zippers stiff and warm. As usual, Krush does not disappoint - either his out-of-town guest or his fans - and Slamenko is somebody I'd love to see in more matches.

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