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Krush vs Donald Jay, Choke or Croak (Krushco)

Life-and-death struggle is one of my favorite pastimes, especially when the adversaries are well suited to each other and there are breaks for cold beers. Krush and Krushco know the secret to hot, frenzied combat is to keep it simple and seething.  "No fancy throws or techniques this time," the online match description promises, "just rough, raw, humpy, grindy submission wrestling with an emphasis on choking the crap out of each other."  Too often, internet wrestling is about poses and back-flips, but the basics of he-man brawling boils down to just this - using one body, sole to pate, to pulverize another body. Add brewskis and you got a party.

For me, Krush's appeal is summed up in his urge to smother and cover his opponents. Other, lesser wrestlers seek to embellish the contest with non-wrestling trimmings. That's okay. But I like wrestling simple (or, if it absolutely must be fancied up, the add-ons should be minimal but potentially incapacitating moves like chokes, body slams, knee jabs, elbow drops, and forearm smashes). Scissor holds, locks, and pins are the essence of the sport. You don't need more than that to entertain me. Donald Jay, one of Krush's worthiest adversaries for the past two years, is good competition, giving as good as he takes - and a match for Krush in orneriness. 

The banter between swigs of beer is droll and poker-faced, about as simple and laid-back as I've ever heard. Donald Jay admits he doesn't get to wrestle too much. Krush says he wrestles once or twice a week. Donald quips, "Well, you need a lot more practice than I do so ...." When Krush reminds him how many times Krush has submitted him, Donald attributes those victories to luck. The tone is not meant to embellish the wrestling but solely to set it up in the nonchalant manner of bros itching for some rough and tumble. It also establishes the rules - anything goes, more or less, including the use of straps, conveniently at arm's length every moment of the three-fall match.

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  1. Completely agree with your take on what makes a good match. Personally I enjoy starting off with some in your face banter, chest to chest jockying for position, and maybe locking up in a round of mercy, but otherwise lets get it on. That's what makes Krush's matches so relatable to the underground wrestling guy. I would move chokes from add-on move to the essential category, though. And pointy elbows in sternum. Otherwise, hell yeah. Lets throw down, wrestle, then get a beer.

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