Iron Man Uncut

Butch-J vs Muscle Beast, Paris Rough House War 8 (Wrestlingmale)

Released last Wednesday, Paris War 8 is Wrestlingmale's first "uncut" release, meaning that the action preceding each fall is shot as a continuous long take - no edits, the closest thing to being there in the ring with Muscle Beast and Butch-J. The English-language description of the match is a little confusing on this point, but right on the money about the immersive effect of the camerawork. 

At 5'10" 207#, the American (Butch) is not small by any definition, yet the German Muscle Beast, at 6'3", 231#, looms over him at the start of this 20-minute iron man match, the contest's goal being to gain the greater number of falls within the designated time limit. For the lion's share of the match, Butch's fight experience and unyielding lust for dominance overwhelm Beast's natural physical advantage.

What's amazing to me is the effectiveness of Butch's bear hugs, right off the bat, against a taller, heavier opponent. I would have thought that Muscle Beast would have an edge on this hold - or at least that Butch would have to wear the man down a bit before getting a sure and lasting hold on him. Chinlocks, backbreakers, nelsons, scissor holds, camel clutches, chokes, forearm smashes, crab holds, and over-the-shoulder spins follow with varying effectiveness, but each one sold to the max.

Butch maintains near constant control of Beast, who is taken aback by the muscle-daddy's strength and aggressiveness. Muscle Beast's physique takes me aback, all the more so because the density of his chest hair suits my tastes to a T. His expressiveness and attentiveness to the ring drama are impressive, especially since he's new to wrestling. But Butch-J, in his third Wrestlingmale appearance, steals the show for three quarters of the video's 27 minutes.

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