Go the Fuck to Sleep

Krush vs Lionel, Sleeper Combat (Krushco)

Krush uses every means at his disposal to put tall and handsome Lionel to sleep. True to the title Sleeper Combat, other wrestling moves are left out of the video, which consists almost entirely of the "money shots" of Krush knocking out Lionel with rear naked chokes, hands-to-throat strangulation, and chloroform-soaked rags to the nose and mouth. All that's lacking is a blunt object to the back of the head or a straight punch to the face. This is 100 percent beddy-bye - all orgasms, no foreplay - and if you think Lionel doesn't stand a chance, you're right. 

When I need to be knocked out, I prefer muscle to chloroform. I'm all about body contact in wrestling ... and at naptime. If you're wondering how the 34 minutes is filled, you may, like me, be happy to know Lionel is not easy to put down, so we have plenty of footage of the hottie writhing, moaning, and hopelessly trying to extricate himself from Krush's powerful arms and thighs. There are also lovingly detailed panning shots of the toothsome Lionel, stretched out and unconscious. Oh, the things that I could do ...

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