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Jace Tyler vs Doryann Marguet, Paris Assault 12 (Wrestlingmale)

After half a lifetime watching failed attempts at merging wrestling and fucking, I'm pleased of late to see a growing number of successes. The problem, I think, is that most porn companies have been blind to wrestling's inherent sexiness - for me, even now, G-rated wrestling is hotter than 99% of the porn I see - and the efforts to bring sport and cum shot together usually involved relegating the wrestling to parody or foreplay. Making matters worse, some gay underground promotions retreated from prolonged body contact in favor of posing, smack talk, Irish whips, and straight-identified performers.

Things are better now, thanks to MuscleBoy and Wrestlingmale, who have found subtler, more naturalistic ways to segue from grappling to penetration and, sometimes, back to grappling again. Paris Assault 12, directed by Etienne Erik, is a good example of how prettily holds and holes can be united. Boyishly smooth Jace (6', 172#) gives hairy Doryann (5'8", 154#) a swell fight in an exhibition of mat wrestling during which boners escape from skintight trunks, trunks get tossed, and loser becomes the victor's sex slave. Wrestlingmale is not only unembarrassed by m/m sex but offers tight closeups of penetration as well.

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