Hang Tough

Jeremy breaks in new meat Eli in four falls. The Movimus catalog states both guys competed for four years in high-school wrestling (with Jeremy having additional training in jujitsu). What we get here is an extremely tight contest that now demands a speedy rematch. These guys are highly competitive and persistent. Victories and losses hang on the smallest, barely perceptible shifts in stress and position and may prompt viewers to rewind for closer looks at the fine details initially overlooked. I did.

Dobbs and Fisher are only three pounds apart in weight, but Jeremy is six inches taller than Eli. Their personal stylings are worlds apart - Burning Man vs PGA Tour - but both exhibit nerves of steel and a talent for slow-burn competition that entails physical flexibility and a high threshold for discomfort and pain. I have a great amount of respect for submission wrestlers in general. Perhaps no other form of wrestling requires so extensive a knowledge of holds and a level of endurance I usually associate with distance running and cycling. 

The locks - chin, head, wrist, ankle - are excruciating. The first fall is completed about halfway through the video. After that, the give and take is murderous as Fisher and Dobbs vie for the second, the third, the fourth.

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