Derrick Cole vs Keelin, Match 624 - The Rematch (UCW)

Keelin is not your typical circus acrobat turned underground wrestler. He may have a gift for the flippy gymnastics you see in indie pro rings, but his heart is in brawling - on the mat, against the ropes, punching, stomping, clenching, gouging. He's a neat match for Derrick Cole, an amazing achievement for somebody coming to the UCW ring only recently. He and Cole are so stunningly great together that Bodyslam booked this rematch to capitalize on the heat the two generated this past summer. The new video would be superfluous if it weren't for the fact that it's even ornerier, sweatier, more neck and neck than the first.

The give and take is intense, in fact so intense it made me think for a moment that perhaps I had not seen actual give and take previously. Introductions are unnecessary. Eyebrows arched in intense concentration, Cole paces like a caged panther before lunging in to deliver a stinging soccer kick to Keelin's ankle. Keelin retaliates with a lightning-fast heart punch that surprises Derrick, who was seemingly braced for anything. "Okay okay okay," Cole replies sotto voce before zooming in on his opponent like a bird of prey.

The ensuing fight keeps me frozen in place and slack-jawed for the duration. These guys are tough and brutal as fuck with each other. They hold nothing back, their assaults ranging from the kind of blitzkriegs you'd expect in a stadium cagefight to the finely honed details that I'd miss entirely if  the camera didn't close in on them. Observe, for instance, the intricate lock Derrick has on Keelin in the seventh screen cap above. It's a sign of my perverse eroticism that these moves pump me up more than porn does. This 25-minute thriller on replay could give me the horn for hours.

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