Hotel Hell 2

Krush vs Vin Green, Hotel Hell 2 (Krushco)

Even by Krushco's usual standards, this match is shockingly visceral. Vin Green shows up in full business drag, suit and tie, glasses and briefcase. Krush meets him at the door. The prelude is shot in sepia black and white. The men strip down to trunks. From this point on, the room is suffused in color, mostly pink - not "pretty in pink" pink, but lurid pink with a tinge of yellow like a scar, like pink eye. 

Krush and Vin wrestle on flooring that looks rough and hard, like tatami, only more industrial looking than tatami, with minimalist lighting that looks like an invasive flashlight peaking through Venetian blinds in a David Lynch nightmare, like a Weegee crime scene. Vin fights like a serious contender, tougher and more devious than Krush was probably expecting. This is strangulation fantasy, especially in the latter half when the fighters are grappling on the bed, with hands or necktie or leather belt at one man's throat or the other's. The soundtrack alone - heavy breathing, gasps, and  animal grunts - is enough to trigger an erection if you're a certain type, like me, into rough. 

If you're looking for pretty boys, you're in the wrong room. This is gritty grown-up stuff. No phony-baloney trophies or giggling party boys in G-strings. This is hard and mean like a back-alley fistfight; this is red-blooded American manhood stripped of any pretense of civilization or sportsmanship; this is a two-man battle royal. It's sexy and savage and 120-proof dangerous. It's knee-to-the-ribs roughhouse. It's like nothing you can find anywhere else. I dare you to spot even a speck of ironic detachment.

As always, Krushco is the adult dose of "hardboiled wrestling kink." Not for everybody, to be sure. I wouldn't want to make a steady diet of it. But this match takes the Krushco brand deeper into the dark side, and it's refreshingly nasty.

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