Muscle Beast vs Santi Konnor, Xtreme-Shot 1 (Wrestlingmale)

In this video Muscle Beast takes on a studly but smaller adversary in Santi Konnor  (5'11" 180# to MB's 6'3" 231#), a man of comparable build if not of ring experience. The setup is a best-of-three-fall submission fight. Sadly, the punching is sloppy, a clumsy, soft-pedaled version of fisticuffs, except for what's on view in the second GIF above, a rib-cracking which I think Muscle Beast handles nicely. Much better are the claw holds and backbreakers. Of course, the main reason to watch this video is Muscle Beast's magnificent hairy-chested physique, which gets more spectacular and beautiful with each new video.

I can't blame Santi for aiming his punches at Beast's impeccable pecs. I could spend a long evening tearing into those sandbags. Yet Santi surely must have known there would be repercussions. In my mind, though, having the herculean German straddle one's head while popping his biceps is more masochistic fantasy than punishment. 

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