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Krush vs Johnny O, Bodybuilder X Brawl (Krushco)

I'm no expert on nude wrestling, but I have opinions. I tried it with a boyfriend decades ago, and we liked it, but at first it wasn't what we thought it would be - in some ways nudity made us more cautious and less daring than we were when horsing around in underwear or jeans. It was  intimate - and awkward, what with there being no waistband to grab or shirt to rip, and our attention turned to  sex only after  the match was over and we were resting against each other  - as sweat evaporated, cooling our skin.

Krushco's latest flesh-fight runs for nearly a full hour (a mere four minutes short of sixty). Krush and Johnny are better at keeping the action savage than my ex and I were, and except for some brief breathers, they keep the turmoil at a constant pace. Despite the "X" in the title, there is no penetration or attempt to penetrate. These burly titans are here to wrassle. The object is less sexual than raw competition for competition's sake - with elements of sado-theatrics, which I find enormously sexy. The dim purplish light keeps our attention on bodies at war - curbing voyeurism without hiding anything either. Most of all, it's a splendidly irony-free row - and no tongue in cheek, no sassy repartee, no teasing. The convulsive grunting and groaning are music to my ears. This is top-notch Krushco.

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  1. I agree that there's no need to have penetration in those matches. Watching two hot bodies struggling for dominance is enough for me. I can picture that's probably how Greeks fought in sports competitions in ancient times.


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