Butch.J vs Judo Kan, Madrid Deal 1 for KJ (Wrestlingmale) 

My last day in Madrid. Great city, still as fun-loving and debonair as the last time I was here, which was 25 years ago. It seems fitting to post on this match, shot in Madrid at The Ring Private, a gay club an 11-minute walk from here. Wrestlingmale released it last week. The extreme closeups of  grappling clinch holds are incredible. In fact, they are the reason I downloaded this video. It feels like Judo Kan is huffing and puffing against the back of my ears as he strains to escape Butch-J's clutches (and vice versa), Naturally to get ultra-tight shots like these requires interruption of the flow of action, which is at times erratic.  Nevertheless, it helped me shoot a Kong-size load.

Like old-school wrestling on TV, the wrestlers lock up collar and elbow each time they engage. They are face to face, with a hand on the back of the opponent's neck or high on the shoulder muscle. The clinch diminishes the opponent's capacity to punch or kick. It also positions a wrestler to throw or push his opponent to the mat or use his legs to sweep the legs from under the opponent. In most pro wrestling, the position is ignored completely or abandoned after the first minute of the contest. Often, the position is assumed as just a pro forma nod to grappling before abandoning it to engage in cartwheels, high dives, jump-kicks, muscle poses, Irish whips, fan-baiting, and the like. 

A commitment to grappling is something I'd like to see in more matches. Nothing's sexier than a stiff, long-held clinch and the sweating, squirming, twitching, rolling, twisting, and even fumbling that follow. Performed by experienced athletes, particularly ones as hot as Judo Kan and Butch-J, grappling is both sport and sculpture. 

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