Nights in Black Latex

Joe Gillis vs Michael Roman vs Viktor Rom, Viktor Secret (Wrestlingmale)

In a Venn diagram of my carnal appetites, the center - the Reuleaux triangle - would be the intersection of wrestling, S&M, and hot tough men. Outside the triangle, I'm mostly drawn to wrestling - but a part of me is drawn to S&M - too small a part to count as straight-up BDSM (cuffs, harnesses, whips, and clothespins), but enough to be drawn to fantasies (I reiterate fantasies) of bare-handed manslaughter.

Wrestlingmale's Viktor Secret  (a play on Victoria's Secret) is designed to send whoever watches it straight to hell. In two parts - subtitled "Rapt" and "Ritual" - it delves into a shadowy world of lust, control, domination, and pain. Filmed in Valencia, Spain, the first part of "Rapt" is set in a subterranean slave market, the prospects' heads covered in canvas hoods and arms tied in red cords behind them. Hoods are removed from 6'1" 205# Joe Gillis (from Madrid) and 6'3" 220# Michael Roman (from Cleveland), but both men are blindfolded. Then the blindfolds and ropes are removed. They are forced to wrestle each other till one of them is choked out - virtually slain.

The loser of the first match is dragged to the background, where he lies motionless as a corpse. Five-nine 187# Viktor Rom of Barcelona (by way of Venezuela), up to this point in a suit and tie, strips down to a black latex bikini to take on the winner. The winner of this match gets to be pleasured by both bare-naked losers (still very much alive, surprisingly) Then, they retreat to the dungeon room (the losers led in in hoods again) where the winner gets fucked on a swing by his two slaves. The "Ritual" part features no wrestling but continues the BDSM fantasy with sex toys and clothespins. 

Since personally I don't have a taste for sex toys*, I prefer the wrestling in "Rapt" to the rest of the performance. All three men are darkly mysterious and built like pro wrestlers. I have no favorites among them. Each makes a delectable victim for the others to enjoy. This is wrestling with a twist of John Preston. As usual the production design is top notch, with chiaroscuro lighting and extraordinarily enticing flesh.

Also ...

Even if you're not European, Wrestlingmale fans should nominate Wrestlingmale, director Etienne Erik, and other members of the roster for Prowler Awards (accessible here - you can sign in using Twitter or Facebook). I have. The awards ceremony will be in London on 4 June 2020. Go here to see Wrestlingmale's recommendations for nominees. You can make up to three nominations per category. Categories include the following:
  • Best European Bottom
  • Best European Cam Performer
  • Best European Content Producer
  • Best European Daddy
  • Best European Director
  • Best European Fan Site Performer
  • Best European Fetish Pornstar
  • Best European Jock
  • Best European Newcomer
  • Best European On-screen Couple
  • Best European Scene
  • Best European Top
  • Best European Twink
  • Best European Website
  • Best International Feature Length Movie
  • Best International Pornstar
  • Best Media Supporting European Gay Porn
  • Hottest European Pornstar

* My favorite sex toys are muscles, faces, and cocks. I'm pretty vanilla for a perv.

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  1. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Viktor Secret is already a success and have been nominated for European Porn Prowler awards. You can check all Wrestlingmale nominations here :


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