A Slap in the Face to All That Is Decent

This is no way to treat the former UCW champ! Ty Alexander has a gleeful time humiliating and punishing Tyson the Hammer. Some might say he crosses the line. There are such things as fair play and good taste, after all - well, unless you're wrestling at UCW. In Match 707 Ty shows just how at home he feels in the new digs. To be sure, the fight is not as one-sided as the GIFs above would suggest. The Hammer puts up a strong defense in what is really a give and take battle, but whenever Ty gets the upper hand, he honors no bounds of good sportsmanship and takes undisguised delight in cutting the ex-champ down to size.. 

It all starts with a shoving contest over who is the "Original Ty."  Alexander acknowledges the perfection of Ty's pecs and abs, but these mean nothing to him. His experience, he claims, means more than the superbness of Tyson's physique. Ty gets the first takedown with a headlock, then positions himself to apply a claw hold on Tyson's washboard stomach. Tyson turns things around, taking a seat on Ty's face and landing some hard punches to the interloper's stomach. Neither man has any respect for the other, but Alexander's disrespect comes with a tendency to take things a mite too far.

Fair play has never been a priority at UCW. Whatever it takes to win is the company's approach in every match. Yet there's something perverse about how mirthfully Ty Alexander has taken to the new ethos (which, come to think of it, is not terribly different from the ethos he is used to at other venues).

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