Hotel Hell X

Krush vs Vin Green, Hotel Hell X (Krushco)

The hotel room is straight out of Dashiell Hammett or Edward Hopper, except for the wall-mounted widescreen and a few other 21st-century touches. Two big men grapple naked on the floor. Evening is falling outside, turning to dark as Krush and Vin take to the bed to finish the fight. May I just jump right in and say how incredibly hot I find this? In fact, this may be Krushco's sexiest battle in years. At the very least, this match touches everything that's been on my mind these past few days - the treacly ache of nostalgia and a deepening lust for men of a certain age.

This follows up  Krush and Vin's homage to the gladiatorial scene in Women in Love. It's their fourth run-in, and I think it's the best. There's plenty to love here. Buck naked from the start, the men punch, pull hair, bump dicks, choke, and tumble. In the end, one strangles the other with the bedside phone cord. At times shadows obscure the view, but that only intensifies the noirish effects - and grunts and heavy breathing are powerful aphrodisiacs on their own. This may not be for everybody, but it's exactly right for me - a triumph of Krush's obsessions and raw physical power.

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