Ty versus Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy vs Ty Alexander, Match 711 - Strip Match  (UCW)

Ty Alexander seems to be adapting well to his new digs at UCW.  The company was built on unruliness and disorder, beginning in a haunted attic (true story) to its present, relatively posh location. Ty is used to playing only by rules he's made up for himself. In his third match here, he faces Wolf Boy in a strip match. Wolfie, too, has a penchant for anarchic sport, free of the restrictions of fair play. These guys spank, bite, and choke their way to a bulldog finish, but only after the winner forces the loser to eat his own underwear.

"So you're, uh, Wolf Boy, huh?" Ty asks his opponent, who responds with a clipped but definitely inhuman growl. Ty turns to the camera and says, deadpan, "That's weird," and Wolf Boy gut-punches him a half-second before the bell sounds. Wolfie backs Ty to the ropes to pinken the newcomer's midsection with his knuckles. He further pummels Ty at the center of the ring, but Ty reverses, pulling up a back leg and clutching the crotch. With impressive speed (three minutes) the wrestlers strip off each other's wrestling trunks, leaving them, for the remaining 24 minutes, only the scant modesty a G-string and a jockstrap can provide.

What I most appreciate about UCW is it promotes not just bad behavior but meanness and as much reckless violence as the wrestlers are up for. Ty and Wolf Boy push it to the limit, so that by the match's end, both bodies bear battle marks, and both are nearly out of breath. Neither fighter has been sexier than he is in this match, especially in the grueling last minutes, and both are certifiably boner material because of (or in spite of) pointed differences in body build and, perhaps, species.

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