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Buffalo.B vs Antonio Miracle, Paris Rough House War 25 (Wrestlingmale)

Wrestlingmale admits its latest Rough House War is uneven. The catalog description explains why: after a string of losses, muscle god Buffalo.B needs his confidence restored. This means putting Buff back into training under the ego-saving guise of making him a Trainer  and setting him up against smaller, more manageable wrestlers, beginning with this match. This is not the company's best wrestling, but it's not bad either. A hot masked Ukrainian roughhousing with a hot Spaniard has merits of its own, even if both haven't yet mastered the intricacies of professional wrestling.

Five-seven, 180-pound Antonio Miracle smolders, and from shoulders to thighs he's heavy and thick. He's also nimble and quick, two advantages he has over 6'5", 238-pound Buffalo.B. Typically in underground wrestling, the terms trainer  and trainee  are code for S/M master and slave, so Antonio's advantages count for little. But he has some fairly nice spots. As a whole the battle is at its best in the second half of the 25-minute video - the source of most of the GIFs above. At first, the two engage in arm wrestling, of little interest to me, as I have said before, but it does give us the best view of Antonio's physique we're going to get in the video. Naturally, it's Buffalo.B's physique that is the star of the match.

Wrestlingmale's catalog description undersells the match. It's imperfect, but Buff and Toni look terrific, and the good spots are really good, even if fleeting. But then I'm a sucker for airplane spins and big muscly dudes choking and clobbering each other, especially when straddling each other's waist.

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