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Etienne Erik vs John Rodriguez, Paris Rough House Assault 24 (Wrestlingmale)

I do not disapprove of a young wrestler taking on a mature wrestler, but what I crave is a fit, aggressive man over forty taking on another fit, aggressive man over forty. They don't even have to be as handsome as Etienne Erik and John Rodriguez. It's really a question of mannishness. And if in the process the fighters lose all their clothes and one penetrates the other's ass, I would be last to complain. There's no age limit in wrestling, just the same criteria that applies to all age groups - you must be strong and fierce.

Older wrestlers are typically slower than younger wrestlers, but prolonged has its merits, particularly when wrestlers take their time to punish and coerce each other. Take, for instance, the confident way Etienne rubs John's face with the palm of his hand, then yanks his head up by a fistful of hair.  John's forearm grinding Etienne's throat is another case in point. There's something august and gladiatorial about this. Men of a certain age don't waste much time fronting or posing. In this Assault (probably a better word than match  for this contest) there's nothing cute, breezy, teasing, or light in how John and Etienne manhandle each other. It is aggression that counts, not age. These two guys eat pain and drink force for breakfast.

I am impressed. And thirsty.

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