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Muscle Beast vs Aaron Mark, X-treme Shot 7 (Wrestlingmale)

At the beginning of X-treme Shot 7, Muscle Beast offers Aaron Mark some workout tips, but soon he's using the cornsilk-blond Brit as a living barbell. Moving from the weight bench to the small wrestling ring, Beast manhandles Aaron in an extemporaneous no-rules exhibition of brute strength. Aaron may be better known as a bubble-butt bottom in gay porn than as a wrestler, but he manages some reversals or rather near-reversals that take Muscle Beast by surprise.

Aaron is more than a little stuck on himself, so Muscle Beast spends thirty-two minutes humbling the wrestling novice. That premise by itself tickles my fancy. The haughty pretty boy brought low is one of my favorite themes in fantasy, dating back to my elementary-school days, particularly when discipline is administered by a big boy itching to kick the shit out of somebody. 

I can't help but see a little of me in Aaron in the fourth GIF, when he gains a shortlived advantage over Muscle Beast and takes the opportunity to choke the strongman's hairy pecs. Copping a feel is the best fight tactic I know of. And let me thank the camera operator for the sixth GIF, which at first looks like Mark has the strongman in a pin, but when the camera pans to shoulder level, we see the German pinching Mark's throat between his wrist and knee, paralyzing him. Beautiful!

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  1. Both guys give a great show for sure!!I partularly like Beast' heel pervert action on German Blondie Rookie Aaron ahahah


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