Daddy, Make Him Tap!

Judo Kan vs Jorge, Paris Rough House War 33 (Wrestlingmale)

At age forty-two, 5'6" fireplug Judo Kan would be a daddy in underground wrestling in the USA. In this Wrestlingmale event, he's the kid, going up against masked six-footer Jorge, who is sixty. Jorge is the more experienced grappler - and bigger. Though relatively new to wrestling, Judo Kan is an international award-winning judoka, as his ring name suggests. Their goal here is to submit their opponent more than they are submitted within a 25-minute time limit.

Giving nothing away, the fight is neck and neck. The camera often lacks the best possible vantage for recording these tough guys going at it, but it's where it should be enough of the time to make this a video I will return to. The grunting and groaning are old-school all the way and evoke memories of hard slogs I enjoyed on TV pre-McMahon. As most of the action takes place on the mat, the height and age differences play slightly less a role in this fight than the weight gap, Jorge having a fifteen-pound advantage.

Personally I find this match hot because its disregard for age, personality, and posturing distinguish it from the American underground; because it's heel versus heel; and because, quite frankly, I'd like to ride stud-muffin Judo Kan across Europe and back.

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