Mexican Death Match

Joey Cantrell vs Lobo Gris, Match 748 - Mexican Death Match (UCW)

I heard about Mexican (or Texas) death matches in the 1970s. They were too long to show on TV, so I never saw one. Back in the 1960s, Dory Funk, Jr., and Mike DiBiase fought a one-match card that lasted over three hours. (Details vary, but the shortest amount of time I've seen for this historic event is three and a quarter hours.) BodySlam explains the rules to Joey and Lobo - If a guy submits or gets knocked out, he's given a ten-count to get back on his feet. If he gets up before the count of 10, the fight continues. If he doesn't get up before the count of 10, his opponent wins.

Cantrell fighting Lobo has been a fantasy since Cantrell's first return match. A grueling match of this sort makes it even sweeter. Just hearing about it got me hard. It takes the two almost 30 minutes before victory is declared. When two favorites of mine fight each other, my feelings are complicated, a mix of dread and eagerness - a weirdly exhilarating cocktail of emotions. "To the 'death'" takes it to a whole different level. I had no doubt Cantrell was up for this sort of mayhem. I had my doubts about LG, who's generally a nice guy, but he proves himself more than capable against Joey.

The two survive multiple three-counts by pin-fall and choke-out. The bell sounds after the count, and then Bodyslam at ringside calls out a slow ten-count. They keep getting back up to fight some more - until they don't. The desperation in this heated fight, especially in the last half, is convincing, No doubt, UCW being UCW, there's not a lot of pretending to it. Lobo and Joey exhaust themselves, wringing the sweat out of each other's body. In the last quarter, they are leaning into each other like boxers, holding each other up while at the same time slugging, jabbing, and clutching the other main's muscle and bone.

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  1. this is an awesome match! I like this type of wrestling. it's a nod back to classic wwf. heal vs nice guy. Cantrell brings the action. great trash talk and showmanship. I like lobo's mild demeanor but that proves deceiving. both guys bring it. lobo surprised me with his power moves- most notably, when he applies a bearhug early on in the match and later cradling Cantrell and slamming him to the mat. no mild manner there. I'm a fan and both and hope Cantrell hangs around.

  2. I'm was so excited to see Joey back! I bought the match between he and Axel but haven't gotten around to watching it just yet. This one looks even hotter! I'm glad I saw your review beforehand because I wasn't quite sure what a Mexican deathmatch entailed, but looks like it's right up my alley!

    1. this is definitely a must see match. I'm a huge fan of ucw but sometimes the matches can be soft. this is not one of them. joey Cantrell represents the old school ucw- slim, muscular and tough. he commands the stage and excels with his trash talking and ring presence . I thought this might be a squash match against the nice lobo. I was wrong. the stats show them evenly matched but lobo seems to be hitting the gym and looks like he's in the bulking phase- a little soft but thick. Joey brings it but lobo not only takes it but gives it back. I especially like the bear hug and the lift and smash to the mat. Check it out.


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